Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And The Winners Of Britain's Shed Of The Year 2014 Are...

Are these sheds as imaginative as last year's winners I asked myself.
I don't think so replied self.
Joel Bird from North London and his Eco Shed at top with an allotment on it's roof won the overall prize. Good on you Joel.
Then there was the Reelwood Shed by Paul Slim, winner of the Unique Category. Alison Kynaston-Jones from Shropshire won the Cabin Summerhouse Category with her Caribbean Moroccan Retreat.
Mark Appleton's Appletons Arms Shed in Merseyside won the Pub Category. The Disco Shed by Paddy Bickerton and Aiden Larken from Oxfordshire won the Normal Category.
What's a Normal Category?
The Little Thatch Shed by Gemma and Jamie Dix from Bedford won the Garden Office Category.
Luke Hollingworth from Malmesbury in Wiltshire and his Stencil Shed won the Workshop Studio Category. Then there was Rennie and Albert's shed from the Sutton was a finalist in the Normal Category. And Richard Pims from Pembrokeshire and his Bottle Dome Shed made from around five thousand glass bottles was a finalist in the Eco Category. Vintage Motor Works was a finalist in the Workshop Category and The Gothic Retreat by Brian Bailey in Wolverhampton was a finalist in the Cabin and Summer House Category. And that's that for another year...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Baltimore's Big Bold Beautiful Bus Stop Sculpture...

You may miss the bus
but you won't miss the bus stop.
Designed by the Madrid design collective Mmmm the big bold and beautiful, the imaginative typographical sculpture with its fourteen foot high and seven foot wide letters is situated on South East Avenue in the Highlandtown neighbourhood of Baltimore.
It's a place to enjoy, interact and meet while waiting for the bus. Made from wood and steel the letters are big enough to accommodate two to four people each while assuming different postures of sitting, standing or lounging.
Funny isn't it how riding on a bus
can change the world.
Life can be seen as similar to a bus journey.
We can meet strangers yet to be friends and
if Rosa Parks hadn't refused to move to the back of the bus the world may never have heard of Doctor Martin Luther King...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspired By NASA's Space Program. Garrett Finney's FireFly. An Ultra Compact Alloy Camping Trailer That Looks More Like A Luna Module...

Keen eco-camper and lateral thinker Garrett Finney worked for NASA designing living quarters for the International Space Station and he had a dream of a tiny camper that could fit on the back of any conventional pick-up truck.
That could be used as a disaster relief living pod and be towed by any small car.
And so the minimalist and miniscule recreation camper called FireFly weighing a mere six hundred pounds was conceived, went through a fairly fast incubation period and then forming a company called Taxa and bringing the talents of Brian Black and Evan Twyford on board brought the idea from concept stage to a reality.
There's more about Garret's FireFly here.
It's not a giant leap for man but it is a step in the right direction...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

If You Like Hanging Around, Try It Once In A Roomoon...

Tents hanging from trees is nothing new
but the Roomoon might be just the thing if you want to hang about.
Conceived and made by young design and technology graduate Rufus aka Roo Martin as a project while at Bryanston School at England's Dorset, the clever Roomoon has become his full-time business.
You can see more about the Roomoon here.
There's lot's to like even if the price is a bit high.
And you might even want to hang around more than once in a Roomoon...